Precious Metals
Silver 393.38
Gold 26662.11
Platinum 16,788.72
Currency Rates CBA
Currency AMD
1 USD 404.93
1 EUR 446.48
1 GBP 664.80
1 RUR 4.40



Yerevan Show 2014, Silver award in "Best Gold Jewelry" nomination
Yerevan Show 2014
Обнаружен самый большой в мире цельный кристалл золота
The collar necklace
Originally collars were an integral part of men's clothing, but unpredictable fashion turned it into an actual ...
A stylish earrings
Fashion trend is especially true earrings with sharp corners, straight lines maximum, as well as ...
Bacteria Produces 24-Karat Gold
The team at Michigan State University say that they found the bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans is able to take so-called liquid gold and turn it into 24-karat gold...
Most expensive in the world game console
Inventing a new echelon in Engadget`s Holiday Gift Guide, Stuart Hughes has managed to Supreme-ize a Nintendo Wii, covering it in over 2,500 grams of ...
Golden pills
Analogous to our culture’s obsession with luxury and consumption, these 24K gold leaf capsules turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth. Consume and digest...
Store’s 222-meter pearl necklace a record, unpriced
OSAKA – A 222-meter-long pearl necklace, certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s longest, is on display at a Hanshin department store in the city of Osaka ...
Exclusive golden brassiere with diamonds
The Korean company Golden Zone showcased his work in Beijing, namely gold brassiere made ​​of 630 grams of gold and ...
The biggest and most expensive chain is loaded with 26 kg gold and 700 ct diamonds
Could your bling get any bigger and shinier? Ben Baller and The Hundreds clear all possible doubts as they unveil the “biggest and most expensive chain” ever on The Ben Baller Show. The street wear brand The Hundreds gave IF & Co ...
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